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pillow covers geometric DIY Vintage Travel Wedding Programs personalized wedding gifts

Last summer I bought a Print Gocco, an adorable little at-home screen printer from Japan. It’s a bit of a process to use but easy to get the hang of and so much fun. Great instructions can be found?here. After practicing on a few thank you cards I put it to work on our vintage travel wedding programs.

We designed the entire program on Adobe Illustrator, but you can easily do the same in Microsoft Publisher or even Word. The inside pages we printed on our home computer. My fiance and I had an assembling party over a glass of wine and the DVR to put it all together.

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To incorporate our “vintage travel” themepillow covers geometric, we made our programs look like passports. I found various international stamps online which were scattered around the inside pages. We included 8 pages that covered everything from the ceremony and wedding party to a few fun places to visit between the ceremony and reception. I think they turned out pretty well. What do you think?

Now that our wedding day is almost here and our guests will finally experience all the details first hand, I can reveal more of them on Budget Savvy Bride. I am looking forward to seeing how everything comes together and sharing them with you readers! When I come back, I will be a MRS! Wish me luck! ??

I swear if I just sat and stared at Connor’s little legs long enough, I would actually see them growing longer.? I don’t know what I’ve been feeding this kid lately, but I gotta stop.? His whole body must be focused on lengthening because holy smokes, he is growing so fast!!!!

When I had ferrets, I loved sewing for them. They were so enthusiastic about everything, they always made me feel like I’d made the coolest thing in the world. Granted, they could also spend hours playing with a toilet bolt cap, so the bar was not set particularly high. But still. You know.

Now that invitations have been mailed and RSVPs are rolling in, I can finally reveal one of the biggest DIY wedding projects we tackled: invitations! A friend of ours is a graphic designer who is working to build a portfolio. He very kindly offered to design our invitations for free – woohoo!! I gave him our theme, vintage travel, our colors, red and teal/turquoise, and a few examples of invitations I liked, mostly modern, graphic invitations. The resulting design was perfect. We couldn't be happier.


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