pillow covers geometric

pillow covers geometric Embellished Tee- with Multi-Layered Flowers customized baby gifts

And maybe I have been embellishing a few other Tees to add to the wardrobe as well. Check back for more in the next few days…;Would you like to make one of your own?Start with two shirts in the same color…;…;.(wait for them to go on sale).Or buy enough knit fabric to make your shirt like the tutorial here. Then, begin cutting out 2 different sizes of circles out of the extra Tee. If you make it like minepillow covers geometric, you’;ll need 42 of the small circles (2 inches in diameter) and 18 large ones (3 inches in diameter).I used my Go! Cutter to cut out the circles, just like in the tutorial here.

So if you have a new expanding belly or not…;…;…;..

accent pillow case baby burlap floor

3 years ago I posted photos of my daughter Clare’s unicorn 5th birthday party, however I never shared how I made the unicorn horns, which happened to be a huge hit. This week I received an email asking when the heck I was going to post that (oopsy!) so I put on my thinking cap and “made a point” (ha!) of pulling together a little unicorn horn DIY.

Step one: Categorize!

Team Ibles. Now get the puck outta here. What is more Fn manlier than getting geared up for a game of hockey...or not? There are no couch potato makers. Well, you need an authentic team jersey to give you that aggressive and imposing look when you go up against the other team. Missing a few teeth helps too. What is more manlier than knowing how to sew? Knowing how to sew your own hockey shirt from scratch without losing a limb or taking an eye out. My favorite scrappy underdog team is the Mighty Robot Ducks, the Bad News AutoBears take to the ice or roll out a new update. So get ready to sharpen your skates, oh ok, if you only have figure skates, put them on...DISCLAIMER: Blame Canada.


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