pillow covers geometric

pillow covers geometric Embellished Tee with Ruffled Front and Cuffs customized baby gifts

You've made it to the end of your bias tape. This tutorial will show you what to do now that you're there!

I get asked CONSTANTLY about how we find the time to do so much to our home. At first, I kind of laughed and explained we just really love doing it, but the more I heard the question the more I thought about it. I finally took a hard look at the nuts and bolts of how we actually find the time and get ourselves motivated to work on making our house our dream home. And while it is not hardpillow covers geometric, it does not just happen naturally! We do certain things that enable us to spend time making our home exactly what we want. And you can improve your home too!

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This week I've been doing what feels like banging my head against a wall, trying to complete a new design series. Does this ever happen to you? I know this is just part of the creative process, but it really is just how Julia Cameron describes it in The Artist's Way. I have this horrible little voice in my head that's constantly asking me: "And? You think that's special?" "Is this whole pursuit even worthwhile?" "This is what you take time away from your kids for!?"


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