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pillow covers geometric How to organise the space under your sink- day 6 home-organising plan sofa pillow covers

Roll up your sleeves because we’;re tackling the dreaded under-the-sink area in today’;s home-organising tip. Don’;t worry! This won’;t take long –; here’;s how…;

This dark and hard-to-access space can often end up being a mess of cleaning supplies, plastic bags and random items. Clutter can easily build up if there is a lack of storage so this is an area worth creating a functional storage system for. Grab a few banana boxes for recycling, get your cleaning items on board and pull everything out.

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Natalie Jane from Be Organised suggests grouping similar items together. Give the area a good clean out including the backs of doors and pipes. Decant duplicates of cleaning products and use an expiry guideline of two years to ensure they are still effective. Get rid of items you haven’t used in at least a year as you most likely won’t use them. Recycle vessels where possible.

Reorganise your items in a way that will make sense to you – frequently used items at the frontpillow covers geometric, less used at the back. Regardless of the configuration of the space I recommend you use crates, buckets, flexi bins or similar to store and contain grouped items. Reuse any storage you may already have or measure up the space and buy something new. If your space has no shelves, you can buy an expandable adjustable shelf to create extra storage.

Words by:?Natalie Jane from Be Organised

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