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pillow covers geometric How to organise your bathroom for Clutter-Free Feb sofa pillow covers

Organise the chaos in your bathroom today with these simple yet effective decluttering tips from expert organiser Natalie Jane

The main bathroom is a high-traffic area and, especially if you have kids, can become a disaster zone within moments of being used. Having kid-friendly storage solutions makes life easier for everyone and tidying up a breeze. Get your banana boxes, rubbish bagspillow covers geometric, cleaning gear and label maker (or labels and a permanent marker) and clear a sorting area.

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Work shelf by shelf, cupboard by cupboard, grouping like items together. Separate out each child’s personal items where necessary. Get rid of multiples, nearly-empty bottles (decanting and combining where you can), expired items, broken or outgrown toys, old hairbrushes and toothbrushes and empty tubes. Before reorganising the ‘keep’ items, take a moment to think about what is working in the space and what isn’t. Change what isn’t working.

The key is to store items practically so everyone, especially kids, can have easy access to them and also put them away easily. Think about having crates or baskets in drawers and under the sink organised by item type or by child. Pull-out drawers under the sink can also work. Store everyday items in accessible spaces and label them.

Pegs or hooks at child height make it easy for kids to hang towels, especially if they are named or coloured for each child. ?A simple?tension rod?hung with ‘S’ hooks and baskets does a beautiful job of storing bath toys and makes it easy for kids to reach them. Good-quality suction cups with hooks for hanging baskets also work well. Towels and face cloths colour-coordinated by user means no more confusion as to whose towel is whose!?Add a laundry basket for dirty clothes.

Words by:?Natalie Jane from Be Organised

Blending a “passion for interior design and love for natural fibers,” artistRianne Zuijderduinfounded Teddy and Woolin 2016. Specializing in modern macrame, Teddy and Wool offers all sorts of crafty creations, including EVA, a particularlyeye-catching wall hanging.

This is a great little gift-able to add to all those cookie trays you’ll be making in just a few months. ?You probably won’t want to fill your jars with hot cocoa just yet, but you can certainly watch the sales and thrift stores for your jars, and do a little Christmas crafting early! ?(And of course, be sure to pin this post to your Christmas inspiration boards so that you don’t lose this fantastic homemade cocoa recipe at the end of the post!) ;)

Few pieces of clothing in your wardrobe will work as hard and look as effortlessly stylish as a linen button up shirt. The perfect balance between relaxed and polished, a linen shirt is a must -have, whether you keep?a minimalist wardrobe of limited core pieces, or have cupboards crammed with clothes. This is something you can reach for when you’re in a hurry, when you’ve got better things to do than worry about what to wear, but when you also?want to look good. This is surely the ultimate goal for any item of clothing: minimal fuss, maximum style.


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