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pillow covers geometric If You Build It, They Will Play personalized wedding gifts

So, we set up yard games (status-post wedding now, they went over GREAT!).

We painted colored circles in the grass for twisted, made ring toss out of wine glasses set inside of a crate and, my favoritepillow covers geometric, Corn Hole (aka: bean bag toss).

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We were going to buy one –; it was $120 . We were going to rent one –; it was $60 . None of our friends had one that we found appropriate (they had a sports team already hand painted on them) and so in order to get what we wanted and stay budget savvy, we decided to just build it.

Total cost of materials: less than $40

You can google the dimensions online for making these —; lots of people make them, it seems. And after watching my hubby make these, I can say with confidence that any man who can operate a tape measure and a cutting saw is capable of making these without a problem.

Our Corn Hole/Bean Bag Toss –; Plywood 3/4″; tops with 2x4s around the bottoms (this is 2 stacked on top of one another) and using a 6inch saw piece, drilled a hole for the bean bags.

We wanted to add something to make them “;bridal”; and fit into our wedding. After brainstorming, I got online to Amazon and found a “;Mr. & Mrs.”; large decal set that's meant to go on your wall …;.

We painted the center white first, then after it dried, put the decal down and made sure they were firmly attached. Then, painted the entire thing yellow. After it dried we removed the decals to reveal the “;white”; Mr and Mrs on each board. Then sealed with clear coat spray (which is the “;splotchy”; look right now in the below photo).


The finished product –; our set of Mr & Mrs Bean Bag Toss

Bean bags are pretty easy to come by at any store in the toy aisle, but I choose to look online to search for ones that were yellow and purple (per the corn hole rules you have to have 2 different color bags).

I also saw online that you can purchase rings of lights to go inside the holes to play at night. Cool idea, right? They were $25 a PIECE!! OUCH! No thank you. I had these LED purple lights that clicked on and off with a button leftover from our centerpieces –; 1o total. I took some really strong tape from my hubby (this stuff could tape a cow to a wall …; if you were looking to do that) and taped five of them right underneath inside of the holes so that when it started to get dark, you reach in, and click on the lights. And that cost NOTHING!

We’re just a few weeks away from Baby #3 and since we didn’t find out the sex this time, and I don’t want a gender neutral nursery, I’m planning and designing for both genders and will be ready to place my orders from the hospital bed!This was inspiration for Aniston’s nursery, that I clearly didn’t use. It’s the only inspiration that I still gravitate to. This is very gender neutral, but I envision bunting for a girl and framed maps and a globe for a boy.I like how this bunting is used over the window {from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child}I’m much more realistic when it comes to bedding the third time around. In lieu of the bedskirt {that only works when the crib is at a certain height}, bumper {which is used intermittently} and quilt {which isn’t used until the age of 1}, I’m opting for an inexpensive, but beautiful cable knit stroller blanket that will be monogrammed. I’ll pair it with Pottery Barn Kid’s chamois fitted crib sheet – my favorite!

Orange is typically a very rarely used colour when it comes to interior design. Part of the reason for this is that it simply can be very garish and overwhelming when too bright. On the other hand, dark oranges can look washed out or even dirty - making a room look gloomy or lifeless. This makes it a real struggle to work orange in to your home, but worry not, for there are a whole host of orange interior design tips available to help you.


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