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pillow covers geometric Put Spring Into Your Home – Part 5 - Dining Rooms funny cushion covers

If you want to bring a touch of spring into your dining room let your windows do the talking! Use combinations of classic and modern full length curtains in a colour which tones with your walls. It's a good idea to remember the mixing plain with patterns if you're not particularly adept at mixing patterns with patterns! In some ways mixing patterns is a fine art and unless you get it right it can spoil the chic styling you're trying to achieve.

If you do want to mix patterns keep to a maximum of three toning colours otherwise you may end up with a jumbled mess which is neither chic or stylish! For modern dining rooms a large solid wooden table is a must, these are ideal for large families and for those who do lots of entertaining, however white tables never go off-trend but to bring spring into the room be sure to add your own personal touches of spring colours by way of cushions for the chairs, or draping dining chairs with floral fabric and tying at the back for a trendy informal look. If you use the same fabric as your window dressing, either curtains or Roman blindspillow covers geometric, the look will be brought together beautifully.

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There are some fabulous floral fabrics available at the moment to suit all styles of interiors, from big bold prints to smaller, more delicate flowers which will be a cost effective way to refresh your dining room. Look for curtain material online, if you're not sure which colour or style will look best ask the suppliers to send you swatches of fabrics to help you make your choice. If you're good with a sewing machine making your own curtains, chair cushions and accessories will make your dining room truly unique!

If you haven't got small children glass dining room tables and leather dining chairs offer a low maintenance and elegant dining room suite. Opt for reflective surfaces to make a small dinning room appear larger. Having an all white dining room is also ideal if there are no children around, however, accessorise carefully otherwise it can look very cold and uninviting. Subtle touches of colour is all that is needed to lift a white dining room and give it the 'wow' factor! If you like white but do have children Shaker styled tables and dressers look stunning, team with cheap roller blinds in bright spring colours and designs to give a homely feel to your dining room.

Creating the right setting is important in a dining room, pay attention to details such as adding dramatic curtains and lighting to create the atmosphere you're after, for example a bright over head light may be too harsh whilst a poorly lit area will you and your guests wondering what's on their plates! Put more emphasis on the focal point of the room, the table, by creating a focal wall behind it, this will draw the eye from the wall onto the table. Use eye tricks such as having wide horizontal stripes on a short wall to make it appear longer!

I swear if I just sat and stared at Connor’s little legs long enough, I would actually see them growing longer.? I don’t know what I’ve been feeding this kid lately, but I gotta stop.? His whole body must be focused on lengthening because holy smokes, he is growing so fast!!!!

When I had ferrets, I loved sewing for them. They were so enthusiastic about everything, they always made me feel like I’d made the coolest thing in the world. Granted, they could also spend hours playing with a toilet bolt cap, so the bar was not set particularly high. But still. You know.

Now that invitations have been mailed and RSVPs are rolling in, I can finally reveal one of the biggest DIY wedding projects we tackled: invitations! A friend of ours is a graphic designer who is working to build a portfolio. He very kindly offered to design our invitations for free – woohoo!! I gave him our theme, vintage travel, our colors, red and teal/turquoise, and a few examples of invitations I liked, mostly modern, graphic invitations. The resulting design was perfect. We couldn't be happier.


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