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pillow covers geometric The Block AU- Carleen and Dan's contemporary kitchen sofa pillow covers

Contemporary cabinetry, chic lighting and a colossal central island helped The Block AU’;s Carleen and Dan earn a perfect score. We take a closer look at their design and see how they compare to The Block NZ

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There was plenty of sizzle when the teams on The Block AU?revealed their?luxurious yet highly individual kitchens. From Hollywood glamour to industrial deco, these kitchens and dining areas really put the heart into apartments designed for the most committed entertainers and home chefs.

“Oh, wowpillow covers geometric, I love that cabinetry,” said Darren, who declared it sleek and contemporary. Shaynna, meanwhile, made a beeline for the benchtop: “It’s so massive it needs its own postcode, but it’s in perfect proportion to the space.”

The judges were bubbling over on this one. Neale said it was Dan and Carleen at their very best and their best room in the series, their “jewel in the crown… it’s beautifully understated. The sense of luxury in this room comes from the simplicity of it.” No wonder it took first equal and landed a perfect score.

A contemporary kitchen with warm cabinetry and deco style lighting was also created on The Block NZ by Auckland twins Julia and Ali. The judges applauded the kitchen?for not being predictable saying, “;kitchen designs can be cookie cutter but this one definitely wasn’;t.”; They also thought the?kitchen was cohesive with a well thought out design.

Like Carleen and Darren, Julia and Ali added a scullery which the judges thought was a clever decision. With a total spend of $10,625, this kitchen is a fraction of their Australian counterparts $55,000 budget. Watch the clip and see how they stack up.

Gallery | 14 PhotosCheck out the kitchens from The Block NZ here

Words?by:?Erin Miller and Chris Pearson.?Photography by:?Tess Kelly and Channel 9 Australia.

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