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pillow covers geometric Top Secret- Spring 2009 Predictions funny cushion covers

You may not believe it but spring is just around the corner and with it will come an excited handful of new design trends that will lift you and your home out of the doldrums. But if you can’t wait and would like a sneaky peek at what is going to be big in spring 2009, we have included just for you collection of trends that are certain to be huge this year. Just don’t tell anybody that you heard it here!

Colours will literally be across the spectrum next year. Lively colours and natural hues- in particular fuchsia red, salmon, lavender, and vibrant shades of green- are going to be very popular, with the emphasis on transforming an ordinary home into a living oasis by bringing a feel of the outdoors inside. Fans of the minimal style will swap white and black for warm and cool tones of greypillow covers geometric, adding bright accent colours as they go. But undoubtedly the star of the show this year will be yellow. Popping up in every shade from Sunlight to Dijon Mustard, yellow’s attention-grabbing appeal and ability to add life to any room will be used to its full potential. In terms of metallic shades, yellow will help gold to emerge from the shadows of silver.

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Wall murals will be in high demand in 2009. Wallpaper made a huge comeback a few years back and murals are the natural progression into increased personalisation of the theme. They are a very cost-effective way to completely transform the look of a room and can contain bold graphic patterns, contemporary designs, nature inspired designs like birch trees and bamboo, as well as personal photographs, artwork or wall art to create entirely individual walls that mean something to you and your family.

Hollywood Regency is going to be everywhere! Going Hollywood Regency is all about the details, the wonderful fabrics, fringe and tassels on lampshades, chandeliers with crystals- it really is style for fans of glamour.?? The glamour of the style is mimicry of the early movie heyday star’s lifestyles and tastes.?These people entertained lavishly, their homes were adorned with exotic furnishings and dramatic flair. Back in a huge way, this is definitely a style you should be thinking about if you wish to remain ahead of the game in 2009

Some great news is that this will be the year of comfort. Furniture that is comfortable and functional, yet still elegant will be filling the shops. With all that is going on in the newspapers, homeowners now want to create a personal refuge that is chic, peaceful, inviting and easy to maintain so that they can escape the world at the end of a busy day and relax and unwind.

Not so big a shock is that wood will again be huge. This year however, it will be covering the walls rather than the floors. Wood veneers and panels are sure to be the height of tasteful home style, helping to rid the world of white washed walls whilst introducing some texture and warmth.

We’re just a few weeks away from Baby #3 and since we didn’t find out the sex this time, and I don’t want a gender neutral nursery, I’m planning and designing for both genders and will be ready to place my orders from the hospital bed!This was inspiration for Aniston’s nursery, that I clearly didn’t use. It’s the only inspiration that I still gravitate to. This is very gender neutral, but I envision bunting for a girl and framed maps and a globe for a boy.I like how this bunting is used over the window {from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child}I’m much more realistic when it comes to bedding the third time around. In lieu of the bedskirt {that only works when the crib is at a certain height}, bumper {which is used intermittently} and quilt {which isn’t used until the age of 1}, I’m opting for an inexpensive, but beautiful cable knit stroller blanket that will be monogrammed. I’ll pair it with Pottery Barn Kid’s chamois fitted crib sheet – my favorite!

Orange is typically a very rarely used colour when it comes to interior design. Part of the reason for this is that it simply can be very garish and overwhelming when too bright. On the other hand, dark oranges can look washed out or even dirty - making a room look gloomy or lifeless. This makes it a real struggle to work orange in to your home, but worry not, for there are a whole host of orange interior design tips available to help you.


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