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yellow throw pillows 20 Amazing Home Libraries for the Modern Book Worm funny cushion covers

We may have Kindle and other electronic reading devices, but for many the concept of a real book, with its paper pages can’t be beaten. Today homes of any style or size can have a library, something that was always reserved for the wealthy in the pastyellow throw pillows, to showcase book collections, making them an integral part of home décor.

There’s some amazing home libraries to be inspired by, and if you don’t have sufficient available space, or a large enough collection of books to warrant a library you can always display books in ingenious ways. Use National Librarian Day, 15th April, to ditch your electronic device, and put your books to good use in your home décor, you should make time to sit and read one too!

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1. It may be blatantly obvious what this book shelving is saying, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool too.

2. No space for an entire library? No worries these funky book holders are so ingenious and won’t take up too much space.

3. Step back in time with this gorgeous circular home library; it oozes chic styling that will compliment many types of large homes.

4. Karl Lagerfeld’s home library is amazing. So many books stacked horizontally rather the more traditional vertical; but that’s Lagerfeld’s trademark – stepping away from the norm.

5. This contemporary home library has plenty of natural light to sit and read in a relaxing atmosphere. The wonky shelves add to its contemporary style beautifully.

6. This amazing home library was created by designer Sallie Trout. It comes complete with a suspended remote-controlled Bosun’s chair. The home-owners use this to get to all the books and can sit and read while suspended. It’s a fabulous way to get kids interested in books.

7. Like relaxing in the bath with a good book? Who says a home library has to be given its own dedicated room when it can share with a bathroom.

8. Make a real focal point for you books by displaying them in a stunning bookcase-fire surround. Just make sure that it’s constructed and fitted by experts or you could end-up with a real fire hazard or worse.

9. Bright and white, this contemporary library looks so relaxing and calming.

10. The Scandinavians have designed this wonderful home library using space in the balcony/corridor on the first floor. The open-plan design is a recognisable hallmark of Scandinavian home designs.

11. If you love bold colour combinations you’ll adore this yellow and black home library. It make be just a little too jarring on the eyes for some people, but if you love yellow it’s perfect.

12. This is the front view of an amazing home library in Korea. Built into and under the stairs it’s a fantastic space saver. Loving the slide that gives you a quick way to get from the first floor!

13. They say if you run out of space to move up rather than out; this stunning home library proves the point very stylishly.

14. Don’t fancy a static library or bookshelf? This walking bookshelf will be the answer to your dreams.

15. Want the look of books in your home but prefer to stick with your electronic device for reading? No problems – just used reclaimed bricks and paint them to resemble book spines – very intuitive.

16. The void space under the stairs is a great place to use as a mini-library or to display books.

17. If you love bespoke furniture you’ll adore this stunning bookcase. It’s practical, as well as beautiful.

18. This unusual book case is perfect for industrial decorating motifs – old piping against a brick wall creates this amazing book shelf.

19. There’s no hard and fast rule that says books have to be displayed against a wall. This DNA inspired design is free-standing and can be placed anywhere you won’t stand a chance of kicking it over!

Inspired by a weaving loom, this is an ingenious way to store and display books. It’s the perfect addition to any size of home and a great way for stopping a plain wall from looking bland.

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