yellow throw pillows

yellow throw pillows 4th of July snuck right up… customized baby gifts

I love making things for the 4th of July. But I also like sleep.? Haha.? And unpacking our boxes from the big move (yeah, still not done).? So I realized any new 4th of July creations will have to wait until next year.

children's decorative pillows

However, I was looking back at old pictures of what I made last year…;…;…;and I may just run to the store and grab some white Tshirts. (oh my gosh, my babies were so itty bitty.? crazy.)

This is a pretty quick project and still satisfying (tutorial found here).

I just cut up some old red/white/blue Tshirt scraps and created a girly and boyish flag to these shirts.? I’;m sure the stores are all out of the classic flag shirtsyellow throw pillows, so I probably can’;t even buy any this late.? So these little shirts may be the perfect solution.? I’;ll have to add one to a onesie for miss baby girl too.

I better get hoppin’;.

Need some party food? Remember how my friend Brittany did a whole Make-a-Cake Series with me last year, found here?? (miss you Brittany!)? Here’;s the cake she created last year for the 4th of July festivities.? So patriotic.? And fun.

I love this holiday.? And celebrating our country’;s freedom.

Any traditions that you (American readers) can hardly wait for?

I love all of the BBQs, picnics, parades (Ooooh, I hope they have one here), baked goods, watermelon, and lighting up sparklers. ?? Oh, and watching the kids, watch the fireworks.? My gosh, their eyes.? That beats it all.

What are your plans?

Any good 4th of July crafts you’;ve made?

Now really, go enjoy your weekend (even if you’;re not in the US, celebrating Independence day!!).

Do you want a ‘simple little something’ to put up on your mantel?? Or shelf?? Or bookcase??

Annabelle Hickson captures the essence of our Australian outback landscape beautifully in her online journal The Dailys. She shares her six steps for creating rustic table styling for Mother's Day, which will be spent with her family on her property in rural NSW.


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