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If you have visited my blog before, you may have noticed that I love Ikea. I love it for many reasons: 1) affordability, 2) quality and 3) simple design. The reason I love the fact that many of Ikea's designs are so simple is because it allows me to CUSTOMIZE them any way I want. Let me show you what I mean.

Before our twin girls were born, we took a trip to Ikea to pick out furniture pieces for their nursery. WE WERE ON A BUDGET, folks. We simply could not afford to buy custom, hand-painted pieces of furniture from boutiques. But that was okay. We knew we could do it on our own.

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We wanted the look of custom, built-in pieces without actually permanently affixing anything in their room, since we predicted we would outgrow our old house {and we were right!}. These are the storage pieces of Ikea furniture that we selected:

We purchased two Ikea Aspelund chests of drawers.


I am sad to report that Ikea does not currently sell these. We purchased them for around $130 each. They were an unfortunate white, woodgrain laminate, but they were an excellent value and provided lots of much needed storage.

We also purchased two Billy bookcases to place on top of the chests of drawers.

Source: Ikea

The bookcases, which are still available at Ikea, are $39.99 each. They are surprisingly sturdy and, againyellow throw pillows, provided us with much needed storage at a great value. They are also laminate, but were a different color/texture than the chests of drawers.

We previously customized all four pieces for the girls' nursery by priming the chests of drawers and then painting them the same color as their nursery walls and by covering the back of the bookcases in fabric. We would have painted the bookcases as well, but we could not easily get the paint to adhere and I was super pregnant and tired, so we gave up. Fortunately, the white of the bookcases was SO close to the light green of the walls, you really could not detect that they were not painted the same green.

We love this furniture and it has held up phenomenally well, so we absolutely wanted to continue to use it in our girls' recently revealed “;big girl”; room. If you have not seen the reveal, please check it out HERE. But, I knew I wanted to customize it even more. We selected the same light green color for the walls in their big girl room, so we did not have to change the base color of the chests of drawers. YAY for saving time!

I chose to enhance the drawer fronts by painting them with a lattice pattern. Read on for a detailed tutorial of how to paint a lattice pattern on furniture–;it's so easy and beautiful! This post contains some affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure policy.

Materials Needed


1) If you have not already done so, you will need to prime and paint the entire piece of furniture in your base color using your roller. I had already done this step years prior, so I got to skip this step :)

2) Using my angled paint brush, I painted the inner drawer front surfaces with the color that I wanted my stripes to be, which was a darker, more vibrant green. After the first coat dried, I applied a second coat, which I then allowed to dry overnight.

3)If you know me well enough now, you know that I do not like to measure, etc. when I am in my creative groove and this project was no exception. Using the drawer hardware as my “;center guide”;, I began by placing my Frog Tape in an upside down “;V”;, starting in the top center and extending each piece to the opposite corner. Then, I used my iPhone as a spacer and continued taping the pattern until each drawer front was completely taped. SUPER technical stuff, I know. {PS- TRY not to be jealous of my SUPER SEXY painting clothes}.

4) A quick word about taping–;I HIGHLY recommend using Frog Tape. This was my first project using it and I am here to tell you that it really does eliminate paint bleeding that you may have experienced with regular blue painter's tape. However, if you use blue painter's tape, I recommend that you take an extra step here. After taping your drawers,add one more coat of your base color over the entire surface–paint OVER the tape.That will seal the crisp lines and prevent any bleeding. Trust me, it works. If you use Frog Tape, you can skip this step.

5) Next, I painted the entire drawer surface,going right over the tape, with my base color. I did so twice, but if you get great coverage on the first coat, that may be all you need. I totally forgot to take a photo of this step, but since it's pretty self-explanatory, I hope you will forgive me!

6) After letting the paint dry, I peeled the tape off. Seriously, that's it! Here are the G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S results!

But, I wasn't done with this “;Ikea Hack”; job just yet :) The polka dot fabric that I had previously used on the back of the bookcases just did not fit in the girls' new bedroom, so I removed it and decided to paint it, instead.

Additional Materials Needed for this step:


Several paint colors {I used various paint that we had left over from other projects}

A foam brush or stenciling brush


1) We primed and painted the back board, which in Ikea Billy Bookcases easily slides in and out of place. My wonderful husband did this while I was working on the dresser drawers. {Yep, he has sexy painting clothes also}.

2) Once the base coat dried, I was ready to stencil. In all candor, I do not totally love the stencil that I chose, but it works for now. I randomly stenciled differed colored flowers in varying sizes all over the back boards until I was satisfied with the look. This is not a full stenciling tutorial, but I will tell you this was my first time stenciling and it was EASY. I used a cheap foam brush. I placed a small amount of paint on a paper plate, then dipped my brush to get a SMALL amount of paint on my brush. Then, using a straight up and down motion, I “;tapped”; the brush over the stencil until I filled in whatever shape I was stenciling with the desired color. SUPER EASY. I completed one color at a time and used four different colors to get my finished look {pink, green and two different blues}.

This is how it looked with two colors {pink and green} applied.

3) After letting all of the paint dry, I slid the back boards into place in the Billy Bookcases. Here is how the painted and stenciled back boards look all painted and back in place.

Bringing it all together

To complete this Ikea Hack, we positioned the chests of drawers in the room and secured them to the walls {following the directions provided by Ikea}. You do not have to do this, but with young kids, we are paranoid about furniture tipping over, so we elected to do it. Then, we placed the Billy Bookcases on top of the chests of drawers and also secured them to the wall. And VOILA! Here is the finished product!

The end result is what appears to be custom furniture that provides TONS of storage for a total of $340! What do you think? Have you ever customized Ikea furniture? If so, I would love to see what you have done!

So our cat Kinky loves to run through boxes and an old rolled oats container. I thought he night like something a little bigger and cuter. He loves it . At first he just tried to eat it.

One of the reasons I?love living a minimalist lifestyle is how our home easily transitions from one season to another.

I published another tutorial about how the people from Softlab here in Umea adapted a sewing machine to use conductive thread. This tutorial will show how to create a pressure sensor using that machine. I also used other machines that are available here.


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