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yellow throw pillows Interior Design Styles- Italian funny cushion covers

Italian interior design is all about opulence and refinement, along with chic styling which is the hallmark of Italian design. Opulence doesn't have to mean over the top, what is does mean is that you have the best you can afford and use interior design skills to transform even the most modest of homes into gorgeous places to live.

Typically wooden flooring is used, marble would be ideal if you can afford to have it fitted! Buy rugs direct which have muted colour tones and unpretentious patterns or opt for faux sheepskin rugs to add luxury to the floor.

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Creamsyellow throw pillows, ivories along with white are used as the base colours. Accents include powdery blues, soft peaches, with hints of gold or black. Mirrors with gilt or high gloss black frames are used for their own beauty and well as to bounce light around rooms.

Similar to the French large chandeliers hanging from high ceilings are used to add luxury to both living rooms and bedrooms. Softer lighting is provided by the strategic placing of a table lamp on a high chest of drawers, or placed at each end of a mantle piece.

Lightweight voile, silk and satin are used for soft furnishings and window dressing. Once again we see external shutters being used, so the need for heavy weight curtains is somewhat diminished. If you do want to use drapes try using one large curtain in a luxury fabric such as velvet or brocade and use a tassel tie-back to sweep it to the edge of the window. A full length curtain or drapes is a must and you should also have them too long so that pool romantically onto the floor.

Classical furniture will have sexy curved legs which emulate the gentle curves of a woman! - we mustn't for get that Italians are known romantics! Even chairs and sofas will have curved backs in classical interiors. However, the Italians are also reputed to being at the forefront of contemporary interior design and many of the latest trends and ideas originate from Italy.

Chic and stylish is the order of the day, the Italians are renowned for their exquisite glass, so this would be an ideal accessory in most rooms. Fresh flowers should be used in abundance, large white lilies and roses in creamy whites are often seen being displayed in large ceramic or ornately carved vases.

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