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Friday I leave for the Asheville airport, make a stop in Atlanta, then fly to Portland for three days at the Modern Quilt Guild SewDown in The Nines Hotel. BERNINA of America is a Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) sponsor and is providing all the sewing machines at the hotel for this event –?thirty-five 350 PE and thirty-five 750 QE machines. The hands-on classes include Improv Round Robin with Sherri Lynn Wood, Modern Strip Piecing with Heather Jones, a Modern Traditionalist Mini with Lee Heinrich, and Sidekick Sampler Workshop with Julie Herman; plus lectures with Violet Craft, Valori Wells, and Bill Volckening. I can’;t wait!

Of courseyellow throw pillows, having two rooms of machines and a booth means having someone (or, in this case, several someones) from BERNINA at the show, along with staff from Modern Domestic, the local BERNINA shop. I’;ll be there to chat with people, peek in at classes, drink lots of great coffee, (did I mention chatting with people?), help out at the evening free-sew classrooms, and post about the event on Facebook and WeAllSew. I know –?it’;s a tough job, but someone has to do it ?? I’;ll be joined by Amy Guiterrez, Gayle Schliemann, and Sylvain Bergeron. If you’;re at the SewDown, be sure to say “;Hi!”;

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This will be my first trip to Portland –?first trip to Oregon, for that matter –?and I’;m gathering everything I need to pack in my suitcase. My favorite umbrella is at the top of the list! Another must-have item for wet weather is my flat-iron. I’;ve been letting my hair grow, and while it’;s basically straight/wavy, when it gets humid there are a few pieces –?and ONLY a few –?that get really curly. Like…; there’;s this one little corkscrew right in the middle of my forehead. So add my baby flat-iron to the must-have list. But how to pack it? Which leads me to…

How to Make a Flat-Iron Case in a Hurry

Some of you may be like me, with quilted projects you’;ve haven’;t finished or don’;t use. Years ago I made one of those cut-apart-a-sweatshirt, put-some-patchwork-on-top, quilt-it, then-piece-it-back- together jackets. But I never wear it: I’;ve lost weight and it’;s much too big, but I love the patchwork and can’;t bear to give it away. This was a perfect opportunity to recycle part of it into something I’d use and enjoy.

First I cut off one of the sleeves along the armscye. Then I cut a piece about 8″; x 9″; from the bottom of the sleeve, with the sleeve hem/binding along one edge. (That’s one of the my favorite things about this project – no edges to finish!)

I folded it in half, serged across the end and along the side, turned it right side out, and voila! A pretty little case for my flat-iron. It’;s not very insulated, so I don’;t plan to use it for stowing a still-warm flat-iron, but it’;s much better option than just tossing it in my suitcase.

You could use almost anything to make a case like this. Anything with a finished edge on one side will do –?a corner of your favorite worn-out quilt, the bottom of a pair of jeans-turned-cutoffs, a shrunk-in-the-dryer sweater. And of course you can use a sewing machine instead of a serger. Just be sure to zigzag or overlock the edges if they’;re ravelly. Your case/sleeve could be smaller or larger, depending on what’;s going inside. In fact…; I’;m pretty sure the back of this jacket will be turning into a tablet sleeve in the quite near future. (I’;m pretty sure I’;ll be the only person at SewDown with matching patchwork flat-iron and tablet sleeves.)

Tip: Curious about my green cord tamer? It’;s just 2″; of hook-and-loop tape! Offset the hook tape from the loop tape about 1/2″;, then wrap and fasten.

Send photos if you make an upcycled/rescued sleeve –?I’;d love to see what you recycle and what you turn it into!

Now…; what else do I need to pack for my trip to Portland? Any suggestions? Thanks! Jo

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