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yellow throw pillows The Block AU- Julia and Sasha's luxurious kitchen sofa pillow covers

“This screams money,” said The Block AU judges as they entered Julia and Sasha’;s luxurious kitchen. With a price tag of $164,000 this comes as no surprise

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The sense of grandeur and space in the kitchens on The Block AU made the three judges’ jaws drop. Each kitchen was luxurious yet highly individual and showcased the different styles of the teamsyellow throw pillows, from Hollywood glamour to industrial deco. These kitchens and dining areas really put the heart into apartments designed for the most committed entertainers and home chefs.

“This screams money,” said Neale. “It’s a beautiful combination of technological wizardry and sheer luxury.” Darren couldn’t help himself – he got touchy feely and hugged the hunky fridge.

It was a kitchen armed with all the latest bells and whistles, including a sous vide drawer and steam oven. “It ticks all the boxes,” said Neale. But not that skimpy island bench, added Shaynna – its miserly measurements dragged down the space.

Stace and Yanita have struggled to keep on budget throughout their room reveals on The Block NZ. Despite multiple interventions and a visit from a past contestant for a budget pep-talk, the besties’ total spend on their kitchen and dining was double that of the other teams. The judges loved the clean modern design but the overall functionality let their final score down.

Stace and Yanita may have blown their budget with a total spend of $25,388 ?but they can rest easy knowing it’s nothing compared to the extra $100,000 that Julia and Sasha spent on their glamorous kitchen.

Words?by:?Erin Miller and Chris Pearson.?Photography by:?Tess Kelly and Channel 9 Australia.

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From it’s ample storage, creatively placed sink and cute lost sock board, there’s a lot to love in this bright, airy laundry

This inspiring award-winning design displayed by studio Superkül’s HOUSE is located in?Mulmur, Ontario, Canada. Sustainability features were incorporated in the design, creating a house for the future that naturally rests on the sloped land. Designed by Toronto-based practice Superkül Inc Architect, the impressive sequence of spaces welcome daylight into the social zone, creating a powerful bond to the surrounding landscape. The lakefront residence is accompanied by a full-length wooden deck linking the interiors to the pontoon. Seen through 14 feet high glazing, the lake’s seasonal changes become part of the everyday experience. Based on a rectangular floor plan, the house boasts private bedrooms on both ends. Materials used to build the HOUSE were carefully adjoined to shape a fantastic result: “ Built of inert cementitious blocks that inhibit the growth of fungi and molds, the walls are finished with a natural clay plaster that requires no paint finish. A soy-based sealer was used for the concrete floors and counters, and untreated silk and hemp fabric was used for the curtains.” Covered with a green roof, shaded by overhangs and naturally ventilated while being caressed by daylight makes this residential development an eco-sensitive home. – Photography by Shai Gil


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