yellow throw pillows

yellow throw pillows The Block AU- Karlie and Will's black-on-black kitchen sofa pillow covers

There was plenty of sizzle when the Australian Blockheads revealed their kitchens filled with premium fittings, practical features and clever touches.?The sense of grandeur and space in these kitchens made the three judges’ jaws drop.?These kitchens and dining areas really put the heart into apartments designed for the most committed entertainers and home chefs.

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Karlie and Will cooked up a treat with this sleek and glamorous kitchen. It earned them a perfect score, but they had to share the moment with Dan and Carleen and their classic cook’s zone.

Shaynna ladled out praise for Karlie and Will. “This is one of the most divine kitchens I’ve ever seen,” she gushed. “It says total luxury.” That was due to the butler’s pantryyellow throw pillows, fitted with a second dishwasher, oven and sink, while the functionality of all the cupboards was “genius” (the ultimate compliment from the queen of the closet).

The black cabinetry was bang on trend and the lighting bathed the room in a winning glow.

It was a controversial decision for The Block NZ’s Andy and Nate to choose an all-black theme for their kitchen. Not only are black kitchens difficult to get right, tough judge Jason Bonham also declared his dislike for them last season. The judges’ reaction to Andy and Nate’s kitchen may have been kinder than?last year but they still weren’t convinced with the final design.

Just like Karlie and Will, Andy and Nate used timber accents to soften the black and Jason commended them for this saying, “It’s a little bit more original. It’s cool, it’s a good look.” Unfortunately it was the tiles on the splashback that really let the Yellow Team’s overall design down.

With a budget of just $10,937 it’s a little unfair to compare Andy and Nate’s kitchen to their Australian counterparts $64,000 kitchen but check out the video and see what you think.

Words?by: Erin Miller and Chris Pearson. Photography by: Tess Kelly and Channel 9 Australia.

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